We manufacture custom made roof curbs specifically for metal buildings. Our curbs are made to your exact size requirements and arrive on the job pre-assembled with welded seam construction, which eliminates the hassle of assembling on site and any possible leaking at the seams. The boxes are made of 16 Gauge aluminum and the cavity wall is filled with rigid insulation to ensure they do not sweat from the varying temperatures outside.

If the location of the standing seams can’t be located at the time of ordering, we can ship the roof caps loose if necessary. We can also customize to your specific roof slopes for any particular building.

Whether you need to install a mechanical rooftop unit, skylight or a roof hatch, we can design and manufacture the curb that’s going to meet your specific needs.

We stand behind the quality of these curbs and use them on our own construction projects so we know how well they stand up to the harshest of environments from snow in the winter to rain in the summer.


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