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Red Sun Farms Growing For The Future

For most businesses the term “growth” usually relates to surpassing sales goals or the increasing size of a company but when you grow quality fresh produce, the term “grow” takes on many different facets and is woven into every aspect of your company.  At Red Sun Farms, they grow and distribute greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and mini eggplants but when the company was growing beyond the capacity of their headquarters facility based in Kingsville, Ontario, they turned to the building expertise of Marcovecchio Construction. 

The building was originally completed in the spring of 2002 when the company was known as JD Marketing, under the sole ownership of Jim DiMenna.  Fast forward 14 years and two mergers later and the addition of 4 strategic locations across North America, Jim is still part of the ownership team and acts as president and CEO of the company now known as Red Sun Farms.

The original office portion of the building had a total of 6,000 square feet of office space over two floors, which at the time sufficiently served their needs and allowed for future growth.  As the company grew, they utilized the office space to accommodate the ever increasing staff but in the fall of 2014 it was becoming abundantly clear that they could no longer function out of the existing footprint and an addition needed to be put in the works. 

Marcovecchio Construction was brought in to provide a design/build turnkey solution.  As with all projects, an assessment needed to be made of what the project was to encompass and so a team was put in place to go over the challenges facing the growing company. 

The first and most obvious need was more individual offices and open areas for the number of present and future employees.  Secondly, the business originally operated with a simple server network and analog phones system that was outdated.  The new equipment required a larger dedicated server room for a fibre optic data line, new server hardware and a centralized communication hub in the new build.  Lastly, perhaps the most difficult challenge, they needed to be fully operational during construction.  This wasn’t a small feat considering the addition needed to be placed to the north side of the office, which coincidentally was where the main foyer was located.  The whole project required a great deal of coordination to ensure that construction moved on schedule and Red Sun’s day to day business operation could continue as usual. 

Once the design was completed and construction drawings were submitted and approved, it was time to put the shovel in the ground implement the phases of construction set out by a team made of representatives from both Marcovecchio and Red Sun.  In order to accommodate the immediate need for office space, the team came up with the idea to open the new build in stages to ease the growth issues.  The constant communication and fast sharing of ideas between Red Sun and Marcovecchio Construction help make the transition smooth until finally the addition and renovations to some of the existing areas were complete in June of 2016.

The end result, is a building that meets their space requirements for the present and the future, utilizes modern technology with energy efficiencies in the HVAC system and LED lighting.  The finished product is an esthetically pleasing design with an efficient layout for today and tomorrow’s needs.  Red Sun now has a facility that will give inspire growth…something they have expertise in.

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