Robertson supplies durable, high-quality building accessories that add functionality, customization and style to your project.

Translucent Light Transmitting Panels (LTPs)

Fiberglass reinforced plastic panels allow natural light transmission into the building. Daylighting can reduce energy costs.
LTP’s can be used for the roof and wall




Thermally efficient windows are an attractive way to bring in natural light to reduce your lighting bills while adding aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your building. Self-flashing and self-framing aluminum windows are available with Thermal-Break or Non-Thermal Break frames. Thermal Break frame windows can be shipped pre-assembled in galvanealed sub-frame assemblies. Styles include Casement, Awning, Project-In, Horizontal Sliding, Single Hung and Fixed Picture in a variety of sizes.




Robertson offers a complete line of commercial doors including pre-assembled steel walk doors, storefront doors, steel curtain roll-up doors and self-storage doors in a wide variety of standard sizes, styles and colors. Custom products for special sizes, gauges and hardware configurations can also be supplied to meet specific project needs.

Pre-assembled walk doors have 20 gauge galvanized insulated door leaf with a painted finish coat (white or bronze). The door leaf has 16 gauge reinforcement channels around the perimeter of the door. The insulated door frame is fabricated from 16 gauge galvanized steel with a painted finish coat. The sub-framing is also 16 gauge galvanized steel to match the depth of the building girts.




Wall-mounted louvers provide ventilation to your facility while preventing dirt and debris from entering. 18 gauge frame units are 48” x 48” in a bronze finish with 20 gauge adjustable blades and come complete with bird screen.



Corner Trim

Corner trim covers the joint between wall panels at the corner of a building.



Eave Trim

Covers the joint between the sidewall panels and roof panels where they meet at the building eaves.



Gable Trim

A flashing designed to close the joint between the roof panels and endwall panels of a gable roof.



Down Spouts and Gutters

Collects and transports precipitation safely away from the building.



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